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Cooking together with chef Cooking together with chef

Cooking together with chef

A great opportunity to learn various cooking skills together with a professional chef, because at this event all the cooking takes place under the direct supervision of the chef. The chef will explain the entire cooking process and each participant will be given their own tasks. All participants, working at the same time, will have the opportunity to see and try out other activities around them.

We also offer to prepare various classic cocktails together.

The total cooking time is about 45 minutes, but the total time of the whole event is planned to be around 3 to 4 hours, including the welcome drinks, meals and enjoying the event. Cooking together can be done for groups of different sizes. Prices and menus may vary depending on the season and number of visitors.

Tour of the Riga Central Market

Who better to tell about Riga Central Market than our own cult food herald Mārtiņš Sirmais? Mārtiņš will introduce his favorite seasonal products and farmers who have the best price and product quality, as well as reveal what to pay attention to when buying fish, meat or vegetables. Mārtiņš is an expert and could walk through the Riga Central Market with his eyes closed, so we want you to get to know the largest market in Northern Europe and its five huge pavilions through the perspective of a chef.
The duration of the market tour is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. After that, we offer to have a meal in 3 chefs restaurant and to discuss and share the obtained tips and observations together at the table. The meeting place remains the same - at the entrance of the Riga Central Market fish pavilion from the Daugava side. For available dates, lunch menu and prices, please contact the office.

Premises for your event



up to 48 guests

The first floor of the restaurant together with an open part of the kitchen, where you can see how the chefs prepare and serve food. We can adapt the premises for various events as needed.

Chef's table

Chef's table

up to 10 guests

Sit right in the heart of the restaurant - close to the chatter of the waiters and the sounds of the chef's knives.

celebration venue

celebration venue

Up to 70 guests

Separate premises on the 2nd floor of the restaurant, where it is possible to host a company of up to 70 guests. We can create the layout of the rooms both for celebrations at a common table, for a seminar with a projector, and also for cooking togerther and master classes of different groups.

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