Cooking takes place under direct supervision of the chef. He explains the cooking process, shows what must be done, and allocates tasks to each participant.

All groups work simultaneously, but participants can hear and see what others do. The total preparation time is approximately 45 minutes. Normally we prepare 4 courses. Cooking together is intended for 5-80 participants.


At the beginning of the world spices workshop, the best Latvian chefs introduce participants with individual spices. At first, the smell of spices is secretly tested and then a story is told about origins of spices as well as their history and path to our tables. With participation of the people present, these stories grow into practical tips on how to enliven the spices and roast, grind, mix, keep, and use them. While examining the world spice mixtures closer, the chef guides participants in creation of their own unique spice mixtures for a product of a participant’s choice – vegetables, fish or a type of meet, such as beef, duck, chicken, or pork.

We will offer the participants to pack the spice mixtures they have prepared for safe usage, designing them as souvenirs to take away.


It is quite often that we cook outside the restaurant: we lay extraordinary tables, organize pop-up restaurants as well as classical or simple and informal events.

We will feed and serve your guests at a museum, art gallery or in open-air – basically anywhere on the planet Earth. All you have to do is choose the time and place!


Who better knows the market if not the chef who visits the market every morning to choose products for the restaurant! Being experts in this area, we guide tours in Riga Central Market so that you, too, could get to know the largest market in the Northern Europe with its five massive pavilions.

A tour lasts 1-1.5 hours. During the tour, the chef will present the Latvian traditional products, and it will be possible to taste them.


Enjoy your lunch with your family in the restaurant at a full table served with traditional celebration meals. We will take care of a tasty meal and excellent service, but you take care of a nice company.

Children up to 4 years of age – free of charge, age 5 to 12 – 50%. The minimal number of guests is 12. Enjoy your holiday meal in a cosy atmosphere at any of the restaurant’s halls.
Offer available on weekends.


In this workshop guests are divided into three teams where each team has to prepare a dessert. One team prepares a Black Forest cherry gateau, the other team – truffles, and the third team can choose between the following – tiramisu, cupcakes, cream of Tonka beans and white chocolate, or a saffron cake.

During the preparation process you will learn the history and origins of these desserts as well as the reasons why they have become the ultimate desserts.

Once cooked, these desserts are supposed to be eaten and truffles – taken away as treats for your friends or family.


In this workshop we introduce participants with cooking methods that are not so popular in daily life, such as cooking with liquid nitrogen, dry ice, vacuum cooker, siphon, and other means.

The cooking process is managed by the chef who involves the participants willing to try out the future technologies. The total preparation time is approximately 45 minutes. The prepared dishes are served as starters before dinner.