The three chefs restaurant „Tam labam būs augt”


I enjoy eating much more than cooking, however I would not be so sure – I might be cooking at the respective moment, and then I enjoy cooking more than eating. Also, I love talking about food and explaining to diners why I prepare this and that, what it is they are eating, and that there is such and such outcome possible as well.


Cooking = biology, art, geography, history, chemistry, politics, fashion… I try to put the whole of the world on a plate at the same time maintaining the dominance of a product’s natural taste. Once I am at the cooking stove, I turn into an egoist and cook for myself knowing that if I like the food, a guest will be happy as well.

The three chefs restaurant „Tam labam būs augt” (The good must grow – Eng.) is a restaurant with the open kitchen, beloved by citizens and admired by guests of our city. It was founded in September 2011 by two famous Latvian chefs, Mārtiņš Sirmais and Ēriks Dreibants.

Very fast the restaurant earned popularity and was acknowledged among the highest ranking restaurants in Riga. As a proof to it, in 2013 and 2014 it received a 3rd place in the Top 30 restaurants in Latvia Excellence award.

Despite rocket fast success, we remain accessible, friendly and open to everybody. We love our clients and will provide perfect service even under the most complicated circumstances.